How to Edit Video Quickly And Easily in 2021

Are you looking to know that How to Edit Video Quickly And Easily in 2020, in order to be the professional video you need you to do professional editing? 

Here are some awesome tips and tricks which if we follow so you can edit your video quickly and easily. So without doing any further, let’s get started!

Now if you are spending months on a single project so if you follow these simple tips and tricks so these might be helpful for you if you take one and a half hours to edit a 5 – 6-minute video you can get your job done approximately in 60 minutes or maybe less. 

Tip and Tricks to Edit Video Faster

So in the Premiere Pro go over the folder tab present on the above-left section, over there create the folder something called favorite or something else whatever you like.

Now take all the elements that you regularly used while editing such as audio effects, transaction effects, or something like this, then put all these in the folder that you created. This way you can save a little bit of your time which can create an impact in your editing.

Colour Grading

Also if you edit video with the same color grading so just save it and your favorite folder and whenever you’re going to edit video instant of recreating every time from scratch. So when you import footage, just open your favorite folder, drag your saved color grading, and put in the video.

Organized Things

Lots of time while editing a time wasted in finding where the footage is so to fix this thing you need to create a new folder, something called for camera audio for camera 1, camera 2 so by this way things will not be messed up and you are easily able to find the footage that you need.

Also, you create a folder for draft export or draft renders that you are doing, and if you know it is not the final but you want to get feedback on it you can put all of these in that folder.

Import Your Assets

You have to import the folder that you created in which year on assets on files are, in some software you can drag and drop your parent folder may be called favorite folder, so your subfolder is organized in your editing software.

If your editing software is unable to so in your video editing software so you create a folder manually.

Believe me, this way you can save you much more time than you can utilize to do other stuff.

Create Your Project

To create your project or timeline and drop all your footage into the timeline, now you have to drop your footage in the correct sequence or the sequence that they recorded.

It’s depending on the gear that you’re using to shoot video, and the recording quality and record settings that you used to shoot your videos is a good idea to set your project up to be exactly the same as you need.

Unless you have got a specific output that you need, try to match the two. So if you’re shooting in 4k, 60 FPS, then ideally you’re creating a 4k, 60 FPS timeline or the project that you are editing in.

So when you export and match those settings again, you are getting the best quality output all the way through.

Shoot In Mind

Whenever you are filming the footage make sure to think about the end product, what you need to shoot, how much you need to shoot, because are you actually going to use all of this extra footage if not then stop filming unnecessary footage that you are not going to use so that you can save more time.

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